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Inflammation Circuit

Inflammation is the body’s response to stress. It can be physical, emotional, or psychological stress. 

The Inflammation Circuit is regulated by these organs and systems:

Immune System
Gastrointestinal Tract

These organs help to regulate inflammation in your body. Inflammation is actually a good thing in your body, it is a natural defense mechanism. However, if your inflammation circuit becomes imbalanced, Then inflammation can run wild and that is when problems arise.

How Does It Affect You?

If your inflammation is not controlled. Then many symptoms and conditions can affect your body. Below are just some of the symptoms that you can experience. Click the icon for more information.

Do You Think You Have
Inflammation Circuit Imbalance?


What You Can Do About It

The key to controlling and reducing inflammation is to make sure your immune system, GI tract, and microbiome are strong and flourishing. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Call Us to Help You

Since inflammation can affect every part of your body from your head down to your toes, it is often difficult to get a proper handle on dealing with it. If you have tried all the diets and supplements, but still feel inflamed, achy, or are still sensitive to many foods and items, Give our office a call for a free consultation and find out if you are a candidate for the breakthrough NEM Nutritional Program.


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